ELM – Why a Functional Language

Elm is a functional language that arranges to JavaScript. It encourages you make sites and web applications. It has a solid accentuation on simplicity and quality tooling. You can get a few advantages from programming in a functional style, however there are a few things you can just get from a functional language like Elm. Elm isn't just a decent programming language, however it likewise has a great environment. On the off chance that we need to utilize some outer bundle (library), we can discover everything at one spot. Other than us, Elm is being utilized by different organizations as well. Elm utilizes a deliberation called ports to communicate with JavaScript. It permits values to flow in and out of Elm programs, making it conceivable to impart among Elm and JavaScript. Elm has a library called elm/html that a developer can use to compose HTML and CSS inside Elm.

Features of ELM

No Runtime Exceptions

Elm utilizes type deduction to recognize corner cases and give friendly hints. NoRedInk changed to Elm around two years back, and 250k+ lines later, they actually have not needed to scramble to fix a confusing runtime exemption underway.

Great Performance

Elm has its own virtual DOM implementation, designed for simplicity and speed. All values are immutable in Elm, and the benchmarks show that this helps us generate particularly fast JavaScript code. 

Enforced Semantic Versioning

Elm can detect all API changes automatically thanks to its type system. We use that information to guarantee that every single Elm package follows semantic versioning precisely. No surprises in PATCH releases.

Small Assets

Smaller assets means faster downloads and faster page loads, so Elm does a bunch of optimizations to make small assets the default. Just compile with the optimize flag and let the compiler do the rest. No complicated set up.

JavaScript Interop

Elm can take over a single node, so you can try it out on a small part of an existing project. Try it for something small. See if you like it.