Steps to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation helps an association stay aware of arising client requests and therefore survive in the face of the future. It permits organizations to compete better in a financial environment that is continually changing because of innovation developments.

Steps to Digital Transformation:

IT Systems Infrastructure
Modernizing the physical technology infrastructure, using virtualization technologies and establishing a cloud strategy.

Parliamentary Backbone
Develop and consolidate a parliamentary information processing system that supports the core of parliamentary business.

Web & Transparency
Modernize the website, adapt it to all types of mobile devices, make it accessible and establish transparency and citizen-oriented services and Open Data.

Digital Components
Develop a repository of reusable digital software components and tools on which process reengineering and digitalization will be based.

Process Reengineering
Reengineering and digitalization of internal processes, optimizing procedures and eliminating the use of paper, supported by a significant change management component.