Integrated Estate Management System (IEMS)

To ensure integration with existing work practises, requisitions, quarter management and to harmonise various working processes of Estates in government departments and Indian Railways, we developed an Integrated Estate Management System (IEMS) to consolidate all residents’ requisitions, quarter Allocations, Complaints, feedbacks and route to the correct officer and contractors for their necessary action. Including a web, IOS and Mobile Applications for the Same.


This solution comprised the development of an Integrated Estate Management System (IEMS) to combine the essential operations of estate management into a single platform, allowing government departments and their respective estates to operate more efficiently and by providing just in time reports for timely decisions making and finding loop holes such retention after retirements and vacations.


NRHQQMS is mainly developed for three user groups, to offer
them best process solutions

User Registration

You need to enter details of employment related information such as department,designation,pay scale etc. and to upload the under noted documents are mandatory and need to be uploaded.

Under Noted Documents To Be Uploaded

In Case Of Gazetted
  • Transfer/Posting Order
  • Charge Assumption Report
In Case Of Non-Gazetted
  • Copy Of Pay Slip
  • Working Certificate

User Verification

Estate Department will verify your Data and Documents.

User Access

Once Verified by admin you will receive an username and password in your email and mobile number.


Once Verified you can use the system for House Request, Better Type Request, Change Request.


Get a solid foundation for management as you can configure as per your needs, such as houses, user access etc.

User Management

Allowing user management as core functionality so as to allow the employees to register and manage all their data.

Information Dissemination

Information sharing via all possible platforms such as email and SMS so as to make more interactive system.

Status Management

Application allows administrators to see the status of each and every required functionality and resources.

House Statistics

Just in time statistics for the management to review the scenario and generate required reports


System generate a user specific dashboard to give you insights of what is there in the system.


Solid integrated reporting platform allows you to generate dynamic reports.

Decision Support

Just in time information allows management to make subsiquent decisions and implementation.

Statistical Info & Management

Our INTEGRATED FACILITY MANAGEMENT generate statistical reports of the user data and multiple dynamic reports for the management.

Complete application can be managed by the non technical users, so allows easy access and usage for all employees and management.


The implementation of IEMS allows Government Departments to

Capture and maintain records of Resident, Requisitions of employees for quarters, resident feedback through web, IOS and Android. With SMS notification included as part of IEMS, feedback is instantly routed to concerned department authorities and contractors for action.

Plan routine estate inspection on buildings and landscape works.Monitor and track contractor performance.Issue job sheets for landscape and maintenance works to the relevant contractor.

PMonitor and track lift performance on all lift companies engaged by the government departments.Monitor contractors through comprehensive daily, weekly and monthly reports.Automated escalations to the senior management after a cuystomizable time period.